Published on October 14, 2021 Updated on October 14, 2021

Campus Condorcet launched its Ciné-club in January 2021, with programming workshops to organise film screenings.

In partnership with Cinémas 93 and Périphérie, club members (researchers, Campus personnel and local residents) are exploring the Seine-Saint-Denis Aide au film court (short film fund) collection, with a view to scheduling the club’s first projections.

These regular workshops, which last two and a half hours, are hosted by Fanny Corcelle, a film director and specialist in moving image education. They are open to all Campus residents (students, researchers, library staff, engineers, administrative and technical staff, construction workers, services and health personnel) and local residents who would like to discover and share films. From 18 October to 6 December, the Ciné-club will turn its attention to the collection of documentary films backed by Périphérie.

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