Published on October 15, 2021 Updated on October 15, 2021

“La Porte Ouverte” is an association that offers face-to-face listening services two days a week, on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

La Porte Ouverte offers a free, anonymous listening service, which is open to all, without an appointment. This walk-in, confidential service gives anyone who feels lonely a place to come and talk about his or her personal, professional or social difficulties.

“During these occasional or more regular meetings, according to the person’s needs, the listener does not judge or take sides. This type of listening service, which aims to give people space to express themselves, is not a conversation, nor therapy. If necessary, La Porte Ouverte can guide you towards other associations.”
The association is already present in Bordeaux, Lyon, Metz, Paris, Rouen and Toulouse, and is now opening a new listening service in Aubervilliers, for all Campus Condorcet residents and users, as well as people living nearby.