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Cette conférence est proposée par la Fondation france-Japon de l'EHSS (FFJ), le Centre de recherche médecine, sciences, santé, santé mentale, société (Cermes3, CNRS - Inserm - EHESS - Université Paris Cité), le Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK, EHESS - CNRS), le GIS Asie (CNRS) et l'Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société (IFRIS).


le 12 juillet 2022

De 14h à 16h

Centre de colloques

Salle 100

Conference in English
Three issues are worth mentioning as they illustrate these divergent paths and should be the focus of a discussion about their origins and their consequences.First, STS scholars in Asia include in their analysis concerns about the long-term history of knowledge and technology in the region.Second, they have launched important projects mobilizing history to investigate the transformation of non-Western forms of knowledge.Third, Asian STS resonates with the more general trend toward studies of global circulations but tends to build upon a broader understanding of governance and regulation.

Beyond the obvious need for a discussion about the validity and limits of such a description, the panel we seek to organize aims at identifying frontier themes and theoretical tools deemed important to problematize “the” global, its relations to local practices and policies, the multiple/alternative modes of innovation and intervention it entails.

This event is organised in the framework of the first annual meeting of the Euro-Asian research team - Capitalisms, technologies, societies and Health, to be held from July 7th to July 13th 2022, followed by two others in 2023 and 2024. The general goal of the project is to revisit the relations between technologies and societies by focusing on health issues. This annual meeting, bringing together the project's research team on the Condorcet Campus, should help to communicate the team's work to a wider public, strengthen collaborations within the research project, report on the first results and set the next steps.
  • Speakers: Naonori Kodate (University College Dublin), Wen-Hua Kuo (National Yang-Ming University), Harilal Madhavan (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research – Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Chairs: Sébastien Lechevalier (CCJ-FFJ-EHESS), Jean-Paul Gaudillière (Cermes3-EHESS)
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Conference in English