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How to access to the Campus

The Campus Condorcet Aubervilliers site is accessible by metro, RER and bus:
  • Take line 12 of the metro, at the Front Populaire station and reach the Chapelle site in 5’ and Saint-Lazare station in 20’.
  • Use the bus lines n°139 (Saint-Ouen – porte de la Villette, Stop Place du Front Populaire), 339 (Mairie de Clichy – Stade de France, Stop Front Populaire –Proudhon), 302 (Gare du Nord – La Courneuve 6 routes, Stop Encyclopédie -Métallurgie), 512 (Front populaire – Town Hall of Aubervilliers).
  • Take The RER B, La Plaine Stade de France. In 15’ you will reach the centre of Paris and namely the Latin Quarter.
  • 48,91450 N
  • 2,37342 E

Contact info

EP Campus Condorcet
20, avenue George Sand 
93210 Saint-Denis La Plaine
Tel. 01 55 93 93 34