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The city of humanities and social sciences


The EPCC: Its tasks

The project is run by the Campus Condorcet public institute, created by decree, December 28th 2017, under article 44 of regulations of February 28, 2017. The new institute took over legal rights and obligations of the previous institute created in 2012.

Financial and real estate process


As stipulated in regulations of February 28, 2017, the institute "is in charge of the completion and running of Campus Condorcet. For this purpose it will coordinate programing and implementation of the campus. It will conduct acquisitions, financial and real estate operations. It provides, for the account of the State, complying with rules of public procurement, the design and implementation of the building and necessary equipment to carry out its tasks. It guaranties exploitation, management, promotion and improvements of Campus Condorcet."

Supporting research and life on the campus


The public institute must also:

  1. Collect, enrich, improve, make available and conserve documentary resources;
  2. Support and facilitate all research work and training of members, in particular on a European and International scale; Support and facilitate other research work and training;
  3. Support and facilitate innovation, in particular digital innovation, and promote research;
  4. Contribute to disseminating knowledge and scientific culture;
  5. Support and facilitate student life and develop campus life;
  6. Implement activities and projects that are assigned by one or several members, in particular in scientific fields;
  7. Participate in developing a national research strategy as stipulated in Article 111-6 of the national research and development of higher education policy under article L. 123-1 of the Education Code."




The Campus Condorcet public institute is located in front of the retained site for the future campus, in Aubervilliers.

20, avenue George Sand
93210 La Plaine Saint-Denis
01 55 93 93 34