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The city of humanities and social sciences


The members

The initiative came from the academic institutions, was integrated into the Campus project by the State and is supported by the local communities.

Condoret Campus was born from a challenge between two schools in the centre of the capital - the EHESS and the EPHE - to launch, in Aubervilliers, the project of a research campus in humanities and social sciences to respond to the future pedagogical, scientific and digital needs of the 21st century. At the same time, the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne was creating a large-scale programme north of Paris, Porte de la Chapelle, for Bachelor students. At the beginning of 2008 the two initiatives merged and became a single project called "City of humanities and social sciences - Paris- Aubervilliers". The project expanded further with the membership of INED, the CNRS, the Ecole Nationale des Chartes and the two universities of Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint-Denis and Paris 13 and reinforced the decision of a "trans-peripheral" campus. Today there are eleven members as the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme and University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 have joined the group.


Centre national de la recherche scientifique

President: Antoine Petit

École des hautes études en sciences sociales

President: Christophe Prochasson

École nationale des chartes

Director: Michelle Bubenicek

École pratique des hautes études

President: Jean-Michel Verdier

Fondation maison des sciences de l’homme

President du directoire: Michel Wieviorka

Institut national d'études démographiques

Director: Magda Tomasini

University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

President: Georges Haddad

University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3

President: Carle Bonafous-Murat

University Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis

President: Annick Allaigre

University Paris 10 Paris Nanterre

President: Jean-François Balaudé

University Paris 13

President: Jean-Pierre Astruc