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The city of humanities and social sciences


A library dedicated to research

Researchers and Master and PhD students will find, in the library, direct to resources, a platform of services and a high level of comfort and usability.

A tool for research in Humanities and social sciences

GED- Vue aérienne


Based on the most innovative experience, namely in the digital field, the Great documentary equipment was designed as a shared laboratory for research in humanities and social sciences. This central place will bring together the different fields, students and researchers. Numerous services will be on offer, such as free access 24/7, material and immaterial documentation and numerical humanities. It will also benefit from synergy with the "Très Grande Infrastructure de recherche" (TGIR), the very important research infrastructure Huma-Num, which aims to facilitate the digital revolution in research in humanities and social sciences with l’Équipement d’Excellence (Equipex) Biblissima.


The research library supports research and aspires, in particular, to:


  • Contribute to developing a lasting link with the research units and enable any form of cooperation.
  • Facilitate implementation of National and International scientific programmes by supplying numerous services.
  • Participate in publishing and promoting the scientific production of the different facilities and research units.
  • Encourage dissemination of knowledge all over the territory.

The collections


More than 50 libraries, documentary collections and archive services, currently dispersed over 25 sites in Île-de-France, will contribute their material to the library. This will represent more than a million documents: mainly books and magazines, but also scientific archives, photographs, films, maps, audio recordings, in both physical and digital form. The great majority of the documents in the collection will be available through self-serve access procedures.

The resources form a vast trans-disciplinary ensemble, a unique collection made up of specialities.

Archives and rare or valuable documents will be held in reserve.