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The city of humanities and social sciences


Aubervilliers and Porte de la Chapelle: two sites for one sole campus

The campus consists of two sites. One is situated in Paris, Porte la Chapelle and the other at the end of line 12 of the metro, on the Place du Front Populaire.

The Aubervilliers site


The Aubervilliers site will be entirely dedicated to research and training in research in humanities and social sciences.

The Campus will consist in a big platform offering reception and services, equipped with the necessary tools to meet the requirements of humanities and social sciences. It will offer the optimum conditions for training and scientific learning and production.

The site will be centred around a large research library, offering not only accommodation to researchers and students, but also programmes and the necessary infrastructure to campus life.

The Aubervilliers Site - 2

Îlot 1: A building designed to house the work space dedicated to the CNRS, the ENC, the EPHE and Paris 8. The unit will be built on ground level and will comprise the university restaurant, the ENC archaeological laboratory and 5 workspaces that can accommodate 25 to 50 people. Nearby, a specific building will be dedicated to student initiative. The bloc will also comprise a student residence.


Îlot 2: This bloc is south of the GED. One same building will house the headquarters of the INED, the project Hotel and the headquarters of the Campus Condorcet public institute.


Îlot 3: A building dedicated to research will house the Paris 1, Paris 3 and Paris 13 units, as well as several EHESS units. The ground floor includes 7 workspaces capable of accommodating 25 to 50 people, and also the social medical centre and the union hall that is accessible through a distinct and independent entrance "rue de Fillettes”. Will be situated, in the same bloc, further south, the residence for guest researchers, with a ground floor dedicated to the Faculty club and the Conference centre. At the corner of rue La Métallurgie and rue Waldeck-Rochet, a Brasserie should open.


The Aubervilliers campus will therefore provide a complete and coherent structure offering accommodation and services. This facility will enable researchers to develop, in ultimate conditions, their programmes, within the framework defined by the founding members' scientific policy.

The facilities


  • Building dedicated to founding members research units and also several of their headquarters.
  • The library.
  • The project Hotel.
  • The Conference Centre.
  • The Researchers’ house.
  • The Faculty club.
  • A Cultural and Associative centre.
  • Sports facilities.
  • A Social and Medical centre.
  • Restaurant space.
  • Student lodgings, the number has increased from 150 to 450.
  • The headquarters of the Campus Condorcet public institute.

The Chapelle site


Located just beside the Porte de la Chapelle metro and tramway, the 20 000 m2 Campus Condorcet site will accommodate more than 4 000 people, of which 3 500 students of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

Bachelor and Professional Master degree students will study in this building that will comprise:


  • Learning spaces (lecture halls, classrooms, IT rooms for computer, multimedia and language laboratories, map rooms);
  • Space dedicated to education and educational support;
  • A library which will give priority to campus public;
  • Space dedicated to campus life and namely restaurant space managed by the CROUS of Paris;
  • Student space provided by the City of Paris.


University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne will further develop Bachelor and professional Master teaching in the following subjects:


  • History
  • History of Art and archaeology
  • Demography
  • Geography
  • Philosophy