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The city of humanities and social sciences


General programme

The campus consists of two sites. One is situated in Paris, Porte la Chapelle and the other at the end of line 12 of the metro, on the Place du Front Populaire.

At Aubervilliers: a new platform for research and training in research in humanities and social sciences.


The Conference centre


The Aubervilliers site is by far the largest (6,5 ha) and will be entirely dedicated to research and training in research in humanities and social sciences. It will consist in a big platform offering reception and services, equipped with the necessary tools to meet the requirements of humanities and social sciences. It will also offer the best training, learning and scientific output to all. The site will be centred around a large research library offering not only accommodation to researchers and students but also programmes and the necessary infrastructure to campus life.




Thus, the campus will achieve four goals:


  • Promoting relations and therefore exchange within scientific communities by providing research units, with the space where they can work, tutor and talk. These areas are too frequently lacking and will increase proximity between researchers, improving support of doctoral students considerably.
  • Enabling encounters between fields of study and researchers, thanks to the conference centre, the project Hotel - dedicated to the hosting temporary research programmes, in particular in transdisciplinary research problems - and the residence offering housing to up to 88 guest researchers.
  • Facilitating access to knowledge by offering the scientific community a Great documentary equipment, that is the grouping of 50 libraries worth of material and immaterial documentation in all humanities and social sciences disciplines. Digital services, collections of works, scientific archives and meeting points will also be available.
  • Giving an impulse to campus life by promoting places of university and student sociability, offering restaurant facilities and other service structures as well as accommodation for students and young researchers.


The Aubervilliers campus will therefore provide a complete and coherent structure offering accommodation and services. This facility will enable researchers to develop, in ultimate conditions, their programmes, within the framework defined by the founding members' scientific policy.


The Chapelle site


The Chapelle site was designed to be a teaching facility and participate in the development of student life. Unlike the Aubervilliers site, it will mostly focus on undergraduate and graduate courses. The site will accommodate several thousand Bachelor and Professional Master degree students of University Paris 1. This will considerably improve Bachelor students' comfort and study facilities within this famous university, which is amongst the ones the most in need of space. Living spaces will also be improved, as a branch of the "Maison des initiatives étudiantes" (student initiative space) of the city of Paris will be located on site.