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The city of humanities and social sciences


The Campus area

The Campus is located on two sites, in Aubervilliers and in Paris, Porte la Chapelle. This metropolitan campus was designed to participate in the transformation projects supported by the local communities.


In Paris, the Campus will be built on Boulevard Ney, in front of the "Chapelle International” project, and in Aubervilliers it will be in the heart of the La Plaine district. In both cases, Campus Condorcet will be located within the boundaries of what is historically the industrial area of the city, since the 19th century, an area local communities are actively committed to renovating.

The Plaine Commune area


The Plaine Commune area is in permanent growth and provides a propitious environment for the future campus, from a cultural point of view but also in terms of services: The Millénaire shopping mall (2011) was built on the restored docks on the edge of the Saint-Denis canal in Aubervilliers, the Cité du Cinéma, in the Pleyel district in Saint-Denis (2012) and the National Archives in Pierrefitte (2013).

The access to the Campus


Metro, RER, tram, bus… A vast network of public transport, that will also provide access to founding member sites and the centre of Paris, will connect the two sites of the Campus.

The Campus Condorcet Aubervilliers site is easily accessible:

  • Take line 12 of the metro, at the Front Populaire station and reach the Chapelle site in 5’ and Saint-Lazare station in 20’.
  • Use the bus lines n°139 (Saint-Ouen – porte de la Villette, Stop Place du Front Populaire), 339 (Mairie de Clichy – Stade de France, Stop Front Populaire – Proudhon), 302 (Gare du Nord – La Courneuve 6 routes, Stop Encyclopédie - Métallurgie), 512 (Front populaire – Town Hall of Aubervilliers).
  • Take The RER B, La Plaine Stade de France. In 15’ you will reach the centre of Paris and namely the Latin Quarter.

The tramway T8 will connect, in the future, the Villetaneuse site of University Paris 13 to the Campus, and the Campus to Paris, where there will be connections to the T3b – station "Rosa Parks” – and the RER E.

The Chapelle Campus Condorcet site is easily accessible:

  • Take the line 12 of the metro, station Porte de la Chapelle, that will enable you to reach Aubervilliers and the centre of Paris.
  • Use the T3b tramway, Stop Porte de la Chapelle, to reach the North-East of Paris.
  • Use the 302 bus line (Gare du Nord – La Courneuve 6 routes, Stop Porte de la Chapelle).

End of 2018, the extension of the T3b tramway line will connect the Chapelle Campus site to the Clignancourt, site of University Paris Sorbonne and further to porte d’Asnières.