Published on December 16, 2020 Updated on October 15, 2021

To help you get your bearings on campus, Campus Condorcet has created an interactive map. Find a building, research team, association or club, classroom, or the CROUS restaurant in just a few clicks.

The interactive map


Start by typing the name of a research team, building, or even a bus stop or metro station in the search bar.


If you want to explore the Campus and get better acquainted with how it is organized and what it has to offer, search using filters instead. “Spaces” are Campus buildings, whereas “Facilities” are restaurants, meeting rooms, classrooms, and so on. Click “classrooms” if you only want to see buildings with this kind of facility on the map.


Are you looking for the closest bus stop or Vélib station to your building? The “getting around” filters will show you all the stops and stations near Campus. You can also click on the red and white icons.

The interactive map