Published on October 18, 2021 Updated on October 18, 2021

Since September 2019, Campus Condorcet, Article 1 (the association that runs the MA1SON programme) and Arpej (the organisation that manages the Campus student residences) have joined forces to implement the MA1SON programme at the Omega residence on Campus.

The MA1SON programme allocates 40 of the Omega residence’s 246 apartments to students who want to develop their professional skills and get involved in collective projects with a direct impact on life in their residence/neighbourhood. For example, during previous editions of the programme, participants provided educational support for secondary school and high school students, organised jam sessions in their residence, and created YouTube channels, podcasts or blogs on specific topics.

As the programme comprises many activities - team community projects, workshops, professional guidance, weekends away from Paris - students must make a commitment to contribute 2 - 3 hours per week. The programme is open to all students that receive a higher education grant (or who can provide proof of a difficult financial and/or social situation). There is no maximum age limit (the average age of participants is 22).

Between mid-April and mid-May every year, the Campus opens applications for students that wish to participate in the MA1SON programme at the Campus Condorcet Omega residence.

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