Published on December 1, 2020 Updated on May 17, 2021

At the request of the CNRS, Campus Condorcet has been one of the entities supervising Huma-Num since 2013. This Very Large Research Infrastructure (TGIR) aims to facilitate the digital revolution in social sciences and humanities research.

The Unité Mixte de Services 3598 HUMA-NUM, a joint project involving the CNRS, the Université Aix-Marseille and Campus Condorcet will be transferred to the Aubervilliers campus once the first phase of construction is completed.

Huma-Num is based on the implementation of an original organisation that is both human (collective decision-making) and technical (sustainable digital services). This organisation reaches across both France and Europe, and relies on a large network of partners and operators.

By working with consortia that bring together members of the scientific community, Huma-Num contributes to coordinating the joint, reasoned production of resource corpuses (scientific recommendations, technology best practices). It is also developing unique technology that enables the processing, preservation, consultation and interoperability of research data. This technology comprises a range of dedicated services, a unified access platform (ISIDORE) and a long-term archiving procedure.

Huma-Num also offers general-purpose technology best practice guides for researchers. It can occasionally provide expertise and carry out training activities.

The Huma-Num TGIR coordinates France's participation in DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities), which aims to develop Europe-wide exchanges of data, expertise and services.
Huma-Num is managed by Olivier Baude, University professor, and Stéphane Pouyllau, Technical director.