Published on October 19, 2021 Updated on October 19, 2021

The Campus Condorcet technical committee (CT) comprises: 2 management representatives: the EPCC Chairman Jean-François Balaudé (or his representative, David Bérinque, Managing Director) and the Human Resources Director Nathalie Mayet (or her representative, Sylivie Biscarrat, Deputy Human Resources Director); and 4 staff representatives: four full members and four alternate members.


“The Technical Committee (CT) plays an advisory role only and is consulted regarding: the organisation and running of the Etablissement Public (EPCC); the planned management of personnel, jobs and skills; technological developments and changes in working methods; hygiene, safety and working conditions when there is not a hygiene, safety and working conditions committee (Art. 34 of the French decree of 15 February 2011 regarding technical committees).”


The following staff members are eligible to vote:

  • Tenured or trainee civil servants assigned to Campus Condorcet and working on the campus most of the time, regardless of the department they work for, or whether they are active, on secondment, assigned or at the disposal of another department;
  • Public service employees under fixed-term contracts who work at Campus Condorcet most of the time and whose contract was signed at least two months before 6 December 2018 for a minimum term of six months or renewed six months previously.

Civil servants at the disposal of another department, who do not work at Campus Condorcet most of the time, are to vote for the technical committee of their parent institution.

Voter eligibility is determined on polling day, which was 6 December 2018.


  • Number of registered voters: 44
  • Number of votes cast: 35
  • Number of blank or spoilt ballot papers: 7
  • Number of valid votes cast: 28
  • Number of votes obtained by participating electoral lists:
    • FNEC-FP FO: 6 (obtained 1 seat)
    • SNPTES: 14 (obtained 2 seats)
    • CFTC-EPR: 3 (obtained 0 seats)
    • SGEN CFDT: 5 (obtained 1 seat)

Excerpt from the election minutes


  • Full member: Madame Palmira De Sousa


  • Full member: Monsieur Pascal Courault
  • Full member: Monsieur André Cristo
  • Alternate member: Madame Fathia Salim
  • Alternate member: Madame Sophie Longeaud


  • Full member: Madame Elsa Nathan

To contact staff representatives, please email: représentants-personnel(at)