Published on December 3, 2020 Updated on January 19, 2021

Registration at Campus Condorcet is mandatory for all Campus residents. Each resident can then be issued with an badge to access the upper floors of campus buildings. He/she can also be assigned an office and telephone number as necessary.

The registration process takes place online and requires the cooperation of the person concerned (replying to a message and registering online via his/her educational institution). In addition, once a person has registered, he/she can access the Campus digital services using his/her educational institution’s account.

Registration requests can only be approved by member institutions. The Etablissement Public Campus Condorcet (EPCC) services will then invite the person to register and subsequently activate the appropriate services (telephone, etc.).


  1. Research unit representatives are authorised to fill out an online form for each individual registration request;
  2. This request is submitted for approval by the designated representatives of the person’s educational institution;
  3. Once the request has been approved, the person will receive an invitation from EPCC by email: he/she must then click on the link and complete his/her registration;
  4. EPCC approves the registration, and initiates a badge creation and telephone assignment request within 7 days;
  5. The person can then pick up his/her access badge within 48 hours at the central security desk on the ground floor of the EPCC - Scientific Incubator building.

To register at Campus Condorcet, please contact your research unit so that a unit representative can initiate your registration request.