Published on October 15, 2021 Updated on October 15, 2021

Learn more about Médi@TIC, the online catalogue of the Plaine Commune media library network.

Médi@TIC is available to Campus Condorcet residents, giving them free, online access to four sections of multimedia content:


  • The cinema section allows you to watch up to three films per month as part of your subscription. It also gives you unlimited access to classics, short films and documentaries.
  • The music section includes the whole of the Philarmonie de Paris collection, musical creations by Enfance et Musique, themed playlists and online radios.
  • The press section allows you to read up to five newspapers and magazines per month, from a selection of around fifty publications.
  • The “knowledge” section provides you with access to language learning courses, music or drawing lessons, yoga classes, introductory courses on computer software, highway code lessons, past exam papers to prepare for the Brevet or Baccalauréat, dictionaries, etc.

Register on the Plaine Commune library network

1. Register on the Plaine Commune library network website

*Make sure you fill out the whole form and check that all the information is correct.

2. Send an email with your first name and surname to confirm your registration with the Campus Services team

Confirm my registration with Campus Services

You will be able to use Médi@TIC once your registration has been finalised and validated by the Plaine Commune library network team. This will also allow you to access the 23 media libraries in the network and borrow documents when the Bibliobus comes to campus.

Sign on to Médi@TIC