Published on October 15, 2021 Updated on October 15, 2021

The Moon Yoga association offers yoga classes for campus residents on Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes, in the Multipurpose room at the Cultural and associative centre.

Classes will resume from 14 September onwards, with the same timetable.

  • Every Tuesday, from 12.30 to 1.30 pm
  • Instructor: Emilie
  • All levels
Viniyoga stems from an ancient philosophical tradition based on the founding principle of non-violence: it comprises firm yet gentle postures. Progress is gradual, combining the right amount of effort with relaxation. By seeking the right amount of effort, this form of yoga allows you to develop your powers of observation and remain attentive. Yoga must adapt to the person, rather that the person adapting to yoga. This means that everyone can practice yoga. During group classes, the instructor will suggest adaptations according to each participant’s needs. If you have serious health issues, we advise you to consider individual yoga classes.”
  • Every Friday, from 12.30 to 1.30 pm
  • Instructor: Cécile
  • All levels

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic discipline, where postures flow into one another like a choreography. By developing your awareness of the connection between your breathing and body movements, energy rises and falls like a wave following the rhythm of life. By letting go physically and maintaining a firm intention, we are simply and naturally guided towards our goals. Correctly aligning the body during each posture and awareness of your breathing are essential to move from one asana to another smoothly. Attention without tension means this activity is like a moving meditation. To practice this type of yoga, you need to be in good shape.”