Published on October 18, 2021 Updated on October 19, 2021

Campus Condorcet leads or supports projects to increase awareness on environmental issues and sustainable development, and to encourage people to get involved.


The vegetable garden, which is located between the South Research building and the Researchers' residence, is open to Campus Condorcet residents and local residents. Several weeding and harvesting workshops have taken place since it was opened.

As soon as the situation improves, Campus Condorcet will invite all local or campus residents that are interested to spend time in this garden, which is an ideal place to stroll, relax or take a break in the greenery.

Other events will be held there, for example workshops on the importance of compost in permaculture, or on seeds and planting.

For more information about the vegetable garden, please feel free to contact Campus Services.

Contact Campus Services


Campus Condorcet considers participatory activities as one of the best ways to create social ties and actively increase awareness about the environmental issues that are forcing us to rethink society.