Published on October 19, 2021 Updated on October 19, 2021

Emmaüs Alternatives and Campus Condorcet invite you to recycle your used clothes and, by doing so, to help people suffering from social exclusion to reintegrate society and working life.

All you need to do is to place your used clothes, household linen or shoes in the small cardboard container, which everyone can use, at the entrance to the Cultural and associative centre.

By participating in this Emmaüs initiative at your place of work or study, you can take action to protect the planet and help people in difficulty. These collection boxes are part of the Emmaüs 3S project (Sièges Sociaux Solidaires - Solidarity at Head Offices), which includes environmental responsibility, solidarity and social messages.

The association receives thousands of tons of clothes every year, which are then sorted, washed, ironed and sold in its 9 shops. This is all carried out by around 150 employees on inclusion schemes, all of whom also receive social and professional support.

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