Published on January 5, 2021 Updated on January 19, 2021

The GED is designed as a research library with close ties to researchers. Research support services and open access publishing support services are still under development, but our librarians can answer your questions now.

Research Support

A service menu focusing on the preparation, management, and use of research data is under construction. Services will include personal assistance. We already provide support for the creation of data management plans, the depositing of data in various repositories, and for digital projects using textual corpora. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help in this area.

Our research support service is a collaboration between digital scholarship support specialists, GED liaison librarians, and research units. The liaison librarians aim to provide tailored services to research teams working at Campus Condorcet.

As someone known to and recognized by the members of a given research team, the liaison librarian can convey any questions the team might have about the GED and its services. The liaison librarian can also organize workshops or presentations about the GED’s collections and services.

Open Science

The GED is committed to open science, which aims to open up access to publications while encouraging sharing and reuse of research data.

The GED team can help you increase the impact of your publications, particularly when it comes to depositing them in HAL, by helping you ascertain which version of a given article you have permission to deposit, for example, or by providing better quality metadata.

A Campus Condorcet collection has been created in HAL with the aim of promoting the work of the research units located at the Aubervilliers campus and increasing the visibility of research in the social sciences and humanities produced by Campus Condorcet member institutions. The GED catalogue indexes this collection so that articles, etc. deposited in HAL appear in search results.

Confused by IdRef, IdHal, Scopus Author ID, ResearcherID, and ORCiD? The GED team can show you how to manage and connect the various researcher identifiers to ensure your work is correctly attributed to you. Because ORCiD integrates with multiple information sources, GED has led Campus Condorcet in becoming one of the first members of the ORCiD Consortium in France.