Published on December 1, 2020 Updated on May 19, 2022

International colloquium, conferences, exhibitions, etc., the Campus Condorcet hosts many scientific events thanks to its Conference Centre. As of 2021, the "Grand équipement documentaire" Library (GED) will also offer research promotion facilities.


Opening out on to the Place du Front Populaire, just a stone’s throw from the metro, the Conference centre hosts both national and international scientific events. It has an estimated total capacity of 700 people, distributed as follows:

  • 2 auditoriums seating 150 and 250 people
  • 2 seminar rooms seating 50 and 100 people
  • 1 multifunction room seating 50 people
  • 5 multifunction rooms seating 25 people
  • A reception hall
  • A foyer
  • Lobbies

The library "Grand équipement documentaire" (GED)

A natural crossroads for all campus users, the GED will play a prominent role in making science accessible to a wider audience. The forum, a large light-filled hall with a glass roof, is designed as a meeting point for all users - researchers, students, local residents, or science-lovers - surrounded by a series of rooms and areas to share knowledge:

  • an exhibition area that will host exhibitions on themes connected to social sciences and humanities research;
  • a news room, devoted to current research, which will enable visitors to discover various disciplines, fields or issues, as well as new additions to the library or researchers’ publications. Users will be able to listen to conferences or classes, or watch films; armchairs will be provided for discussions or to flip through books, as well as special consoles to view digital documents, etc.;
  • an auditorium seating 50 people, where conferences will be held and documentaries will be screened on topics linked to current exhibitions and social sciences and humanities research;
  • a bookshop