Published on December 1, 2020 Updated on January 19, 2021

The Campus provides research units with comfortable working, tutoring and discussion areas that are tailored to their needs.


Over 1,300 workstations are distributed throughout the two shared research buildings, the Ined headquarters, the Scientific Incubator / Campus Condorcet headquarters and the Cultural and Associative centre. These workstations are located in individual offices or shared offices for 2 to 4 people. To meet the particular needs of doctoral students and temporary research programmes, open plan offices with 6 to 10 workstations are also provided.

Every workstation comprises basic office furniture: an office chair, a desk with a filing cabinet, a bin, a table lamp and a chair for visitors. In addition, there are also office cabinets and shelves.

We invite you to discover the various types of offices and furniture in the Scientific Incubator and shared research buildings.


Around thirty meeting rooms are situated on the upper floors of the research buildings. These meeting rooms, which are an ideal place for discussions and teamwork, can be booked by research units and teams hosted on the Campus, using their Campus account.

Around twenty open plan tutoring areas are also available, providing a more informal setting for discussions with low tables, armchairs or benches.

This abundant selection of working areas will be further expanded in 2021, when consultation rooms and around forty working rooms in the "Grand équipement documentaire" Library (GED) will open.

The Campus also offers many places to socialise: common rooms, the Faculty club, brasseries, and the Cultural and Associative centre.