Published on December 8, 2020 Updated on January 18, 2021

The Aubervilliers site is completely devoted to research and research training in social sciences and humanities.

The Campus takes the form of a large, fully-equipped service platform that hosts and meets the requirements of the social sciences and humanities research community, providing its members with optimal conditions for training, learning and scientific production.

Arranged around a large research library, the site provides its users with the facilities to host researchers, students and course programmes, as well as all the necessary resources for life on campus.


  • Buildings to host the member institutions’ research units, as well as their headquarters in several cases.
  • The Library "Grand équipement documentaire" (GED).
  • A Scientific Incubator.
  • A Conference centre.
  • A Researchers' residence.
  • The Faculty club.
  • A Cultural and Associative centre.
  • Sport fields.
  • A socio-medical centre.
  • Restaurant areas.
  • 450 student apartments.
  • The Etablissement Public Campus Condorcet headquarters.


Campus Condorcet’s programmes are guided by four objectives:

  • To foster connections and interactions within scientific communities, by providing research units with the working, tutoring and discussion areas that they so often lack. This will encourage close cooperation between researchers and make it much easier to supervise doctoral students.
  • To enable meetings between disciplines and between researchers, thanks to a conference centre, a scientific incubator - devoted to temporary research programmes, particularly on interdisciplinary issues - and a researchers’ residence comprising 88 apartments.
  • To facilitate access to knowledge, by providing the scientific community with a "Grand équipement documentaire” Library (GED). This library will bring together 50 libraries that are currently distributed over a wide area to form an extensive collection of physical and digital documents in all the social sciences and humanities disciplines. It will combine digital services, collections of books and publications, scientific archives and meeting areas.
  • To stimulate life on campus, by leaving plenty of space for socialising and student life: restaurants, cafeterias, accommodation for students and young researchers, as well as other services.


The Campus places great emphasis on developing shared services, to create a fully-fledged campus infrastructure that will benefit the whole scientific community.

These services include:

  • The "Grand équipement documentaire", an extensive research library that is open to all and brings together the collections of over fifty libraries and documentation centres that are currently distributed over a wide area. This library not only houses one million references, but also provides digital services to meet the new requirements of research in the humanities field,
  • A Conference centre,
    guest Researchers' residence,
  • A Faculty Club,
  • A Scientific Incubator, to complement the activities of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord, located close to the campus,
  • Support facilities for life on campus: restaurants, a cultural and associative centre, a socio-medical centre (a sport field and a nursery are also planned).

The Aubervilliers site offers a coherent, complete set of equipment and services. Thanks to these facilities, researchers will be able to develop their programmes under the best conditions, in keeping with the scientific policy defined by the founding members.