Published on December 9, 2020 Updated on January 18, 2021

Designed by the Jean-Christophe Quinton Architecte agency, the unique wooden construction of the Cultural and associative centre immediately stands out.

The modestly sized Cultural and associative centre is the location for the office hours of the Campus’s 24 partner associations. It contains a multifunctional room and a forum that can host cultural, sporting, and club events of all kinds, from yoga to concerts and theatrical performances to blood drives.

The Architect’s vision

“The idea behind the building for the Cultural and associative centre was that of a wooden temple in the middle of the garden, which gives it a certain status. It is its own entity, something understood for what it is all over campus.” Jean-Christophe Quinton Architecte

The Cultural and associative centre in a nutshell

Architect: Jean-Christophe Quinton Architecte
Contractor: Sérendicité
800 m2

  • A multifunctional room and a forum on the ground floor
  • Offices on the upper floors