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Cette séance des Lundis de l'Ined est donnée par Albert Esteve (Centre d'estudis Demogràfics - Espagne). Discutant : Laurent Toulemon (Ined).


le 6 novembre 2023

de 11h30 à 12h30

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Les lundis de l'Ined Logo
IPUMS emerged to revolutionize access to US census microdata but ultimately transformed global access. IPUMS International is the result of this remarkable global achievement, now covering 100+ countries and expanding to diverse demographic data sources (e.g. Demographic Health Surveys). In this presentation, I’ll illustrate with my own work how IPUMS International empowers global family research, discussing the spread of non-marital cohabitation in Latin America, the impact of the gender-gap reversal in education on marriage markets, and the worldwide transformations in living arrangements.