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This International workshop is proposed by the Fondation France Japon (FFJ, EHESS).


le 10 novembre 2023

14.00 - 16.00 (Paris time)
In English
Speakers: Yukari SAI (Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Systems Science, Chiba Institute of Technology), Shin YASUDA (Associate Professor, Faculty of Regional Policy, Takasaki City University of Economics)

This international workshop will discuss the current situation of the halal economy from the perspective of the concept of ‘accountability’. With the development of Islamic finance and the halal industry in various societies in the Islamic world, Islamic economy has become focal point of discussion in the contemporary global economy. Previous literatures have attempted to consider the development of these economic activities in terms of the religious preferences of Muslim consumers and Islamic principles in economic practices, such as halal consciousness in halal food industry, and avoidance of riba (interest) in Islamic finance. However, the development of Islamic economic activities is also considered from the perspective of the surrounding market environment, including institutions and norms. In particular, the spread of the concept of audit culture and accountability, defined as being responsible for what one does and be able to offer a satisfactory reason for it, or the degree to which this happens, becomes the central principle for these economic activities. In this situation, various economic systems and practices have been flourishing. As Marilyn Strathern, François Gauthier and other researchers indicate, the spread of neoliberalism and consumerism has also increased the emphasis on an evidence-based setting under the concept of ‘accountability’. In this environment, religious experiences and religiosity are also exploring new designs and norms under accountability principles, and various Muslim communities in the world have transformed their social values accordingly, through the development of the Islamic economy, including the halal industry and Islamic finance. This international workshop, therefore, considers the development of accountability of Islamic economy from the case studies of halal tourism and industry in Muslim societies.

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