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Cette journée est organisée par l'Institut national des études démographiques (Ined) dans le cadre des Rencontres de statistiques appliquée.


le 12 janvier 2024

de 9h à 12h45

The development of artificial intelligence techniques has numerous consequences for our activities. However, the rapid pace of adaptation is such that individuals often feel helpless and uncertain in the face of resulting technological changes. In response to this formidable challenge and its implications for our work, we are organizing a session featuring experts in this field.

B. Crabbé (University of Paris) will give an introductory presentation recounting the history of these contributions. K. Smaili (Loria, Lorraine University) will detail the mechanics inherent in the ChatGPT engine. D. Schwab (Université Grenoble Alpes University) will present the general principles and questions raised by OpenAI’s large language models. Finally, Paul Gay (Pau University and Paris-Saclay University) will focus on the environmental aspects related to the development of these technologies.

E. Dagorn (Ined) will ensure the follow-up of the presentations and initiate focused discussions during the conclusion.


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