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This workshop is organized by l'Institut de recherche interdisciplinaires sur les enjeux sociaux (IRIS, CNRS-EHESS-Université Paris Nord-Inserm), Mondes Américains, le Programme AIRE- Science Po.


du 25 septembre 2024 au 26 septembre 2024

de 9h à 21h, le 25 septembre, et 9h à 17h, le 26 septembre
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This workshop aims to foster a multidisciplinary, comparative dialogue on ethnographic methods in research on mining activities. Starting from the consideration that carrying out fieldwork in the midst of conflicts linked to resource exploitation can be particularly challenging (Ballard and Banks 2003), it seeks to explore the potential of a critical ethnographic approach (Fassin 2012, 2017) and complementary research methods, in order to grasp the multiple asymmetrical relations that unfold in and through mining.